Will you remember me?

10:42:00 AM

So, I've been reading the book of 1 Kings lately and since my thoughts have been occupied on life and death and eternity lately, I realized something. A king. Someone people will leave and die for. Someone people will bow down to and someone people will die fighting. Someone people will revere and esteem. Someone who was daily the topic of conversation for thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions who were under thier rule. Someone who was so important to the world for a time, is now a few sentences on a page that most people just skim over. At most there is 30-60 pages documenting thier life, but that is an exception to the rest whose lives can be summed up in "and he did evil in the sight of the Lord."
It makes eternity more important. Because if people who are that great for a period are really not that important in light of the rest of history, how not important am I? I mean, my life is going to touch people and does effect people, but it's not about trying to be remembered, because I basically won't be, no matter if I am President of the United States or just a girl who takes care of her grandmother. In a few generations, I'll probably be the topic of discussion around the dining room table of my great grandkids at my own children's death as they discuss the heirlooms passed down by "looney Grandmom Tiffany."
And so, it's what lasts in eternity that matters. Life is not about me. Life is not about who likes me and who doesn't or how cool (or not cool!) I was in highschool and about how prosperous I am in thirty years.

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