Google Street View

2:17:00 PM

Am I a major dork because I'm sitting in my house going on a trip down memory I say a trip down memory lane, I'm not looking at pics on facebook, I'm not reading old letters or emails, I'm actually going on Google Street View through York...baha...I'm just now passing the little newstand place on Walmgate where we used to buy our phone cards..haha- Google is incredible!

I'm a little jealous now that everyone from church went off the all my old Bible college stomping grounds- Sara gets to chill in York and Schylo gets to tromp across Hungary, and everyone in California is getting married and I'm just sitting at home with grandmom, in Langhorne, drinking coffee.

But in reality I would not be happy anywhere else, because sitting here in Langhorne is where God has me. He does not have me in York. He does not have me in Vajta. He does not have me in Prague, in San Diego, in New Jersey (surfing!), He does not have me in Haiti.
He has me in Langhorne, tending chickens, planning my garden, baking bread, reading, going to Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, serving where I'm called- learning and growing and stretching and breaking. I'm so thankful. And I'm happy. I really truly am happy to be in the center of God's will. As much as I wish I had the cash flow to hop on a plane right this minute, God's plan and timing is just so perfect and He absolutely knows what He is doing...if there is anything I've learned walking with Him the past nine years is that He has the best plan and the best timing.

Now I'm passing Dreams Tea house! Where Becky from Canada used to work!!! It's so cute!
Aw, and now I'm on Piccadily! Where we talked to the Homeless Man....oh, and here's the Public restrooms where we talked to the prostitute...and here's the beautiful town center where all of the Holiday building were set up and the rides and stands...
Oh! And the Disney Store where Josh the intern worked! And there's Borders where I bought my giant journal before Speaker's Week...oh, and here's the corner where the man with no legs would play music!And here's Ask, the restaurant where they had dinner before Helen's bridal shower! ANd I can almost look down off of Museum st. and see the park where we would go street witnessing!
I love it
It's nice to remember
and nice to look forward
and nice to be where I am now- knowing that God is always faithful!

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