No Heroic Measures.

3:18:00 PM

So God's done like probably a million things in my life since I last updated- but everything is so scattered all over the place that I'll wait to update.

But since Grandmom almost died this weekend I figured I should post for posterity's sake:

This weekend has been a blur- super super busy.
 We got a surprise visit from my aunt (my mom's sister) and cousin from NJ Saturday morning and so at 8 am I was awoken to my mom saying my aunt was coming which meant I had to make grandmom, myself,  and my house presentable= speed cleaning. So grandmom was pretty good- we set her out on the couch and she actually read through sale adds and wanted to buy jewelry for herself for Valentines Day and she wanted her diamond ring on (which she doesn't wear anymore because her hands are all clenched from her stroke and arthritis).

Than Saturday night I had some of my cousins (on my dad's side) over for a Valentine's party since our parents were going over their friends house for a Valentine's dinner. We played Valentine's and Doran theme "Win, Lose, or Draw" (its like Pictionary), Telephone Pictionary (it's like whisper down the lane but with pictures and words), and (in honor of my 14 year old cousin) Pin the Heart on Justin Bieber. It was fun and we ate way to much food and laughed the night away (typical Doran party)!
Pin the heart on Justin Bieber!

Anyway, my cousin Rachelle, who is a nurse was down from the Poconos and spent the night. So the next morning I went to church but my family had brought my grandmom out to the kitchen to enjoy our company and eat the breakfast that my brother Jeremiah had thrown together (Dorans really like food- weekend breakfasts are tradition!)

So I left them all to go to third service at my church and after church was going to see the play that the highschool was putting on (The Mouse that Roared- a  hilarious political satire and romantic comedy!) with my friend Jenelle. We were walking to Wawa to get some lunch so our growling stomach's would not distract the cultured, theatre attending audience (though the smell of our jalapeno turkey wraps that we ate while watching surely did!) when my cell phone rings and I see that "Daddy-o" is calling-

The story goes- my grandmom was shoving into her mouth whatever my family put in front of her. When I had left that morning for church I had already fed her french toast and sausage. Apparently, as  my family continued to sit and eat leftovers from the Valentines Party, my grandmom went about eating Cupcakes and Chips. But you see, lately I've been feeding my grandmom pureed food because she forgets to chew and swallow her food and also is missing about 75% of her teeth.

Anyway, Rachelle and my dad move into the living room to talk, while my sister Hailey plays on her laptop at the dining room table with grandmom. Next thing you know my mom notices my grandmom conked out sleeping at the table, which is pretty normal. Hailey comments on how grandmom was "snoring" which we find out was actually "gurgling" because the poor woman was CHOKING!!!
Anyway, they wheel her into the living room and my cousin takes the pulse of this unresponsive 80 year old and my family tries to decide if she's just finally dying or what is going on. We have my grandmom on a self proclaimed "hospice" which is whatever we want it to be. We don't have any nurses or aides coming out to see her, never call the doctor, and avoid the hospital at all costs. So she's been doing good since last July. And we're basically like- when the Lord takes her He takes her and we're not trying to stretch out her life anymore. No heroic measures. Do not Resuscitate.

Anyway, her pulse was good, but she was turning blue so obviously something was going on. Had she had a heart attack? They call 911 and they sat her wheelchair up (they had reclined it to check her out) and she starts puking! Apparently she'd been choking or had like vomitted in her throat and like started asphyxiating! Anyway, once she puked they laid her on the floor and she got her color back and started coming back to herself. Actually, she wanted to eat more!
So they sent to ambulance away after they took her vital signs and grandmom lives another day!
And I also got to still see my play, eat lunch with my friend, and go out to sushi with my sister Hailey's friend and go prayer at church that night! Successful weekend, I would say.

Anyway, its so weird to think that I almost got a phone call that my grandmom had died. Literally, we were really close to losing her. Sometimes I'm like, Lord why do you keep her alive? And it stirs me on to take advantage of this season- God has given me a ton of time to spend with Him and pray during the day. I don't have to work right now. I can go to Coatesville on Thursdays and spend time praying with friends and working with Sr High and going to church like every night of the week. But my life is going to be like this forever and I want to take advantage of all God has for it while I'm in it. I don't want to waste this time!...but who knows maybe my grandmom really will live another 20-30 years like she says she will...I wouldn't put it past her!

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