The Fetters of Unbelief

1:22:00 PM

"Why could not we cast him out? Jesus said unto them, 'Because of your unbelief'" (Matt. 17:19-20)

"Dear Lord, behold, another poor failing disciple comes to you, this morning, with the same pitiful question! I have tried to live for You, and work for You- with honest purpose endeavoring to bless others in Your name, yet, how notable and frequent have been my failures!

Lord, why could I not overcome the sin which so easily beset me? Why could I not check the sharp word on my tongue, and subdue the fierce risings of anger in my heart? Why can I not always walk so near to You that my whole life may be under Your sweet control, and every thought, and deed, and word, be sanctified by Your consent and approval? Why have I not the power to influence and draw others to Your dear feet, that they may find in You, as I have done, 'a very present help in trouble'?

Lord, I know your answer to me will be the same as that to Your first disciples. Sadly and sorrowfully You say, 'Because of your unbelief.'

What a humbling revelation these words convey! My soul, it is but a little while since you rang the joy-bells or faith triumphantly! Has your right hand already lost its skill? Has the wicked unbelief, still lingering within you stopped the glorious music your faith was making, and turned the happy assertion of 'How shall he not!' into the faithless, whining question of 'How shall he?' Satan has taunted you with your unworthiness. But do you think your demerit could hold back the hand from blessing which gave 'His only-begotten Son', or overturn the covenant of grace of which He was made 'Surety' in the days of old? Lord, it is too true that my faith is often bound by the fetters of unbelief, and her wings are clipped, so that she can only painfully attempt to fly heavenward. I know this is the secret cause of many an unanswered prayer, many a failure of service and in holy living.

Now I bring myself to You, as much in need of spiritual healing as the poor lunatic boy had of deliverance from demonic possession. Cast out every evil thing, Lord, and manifest in me 'what is the exceeding greatness of Thy power to us-ward who believe'. You are the Author and Giver of faith; endue me abundantly with this living grace, banish all doubt and mistrust from my heart, that faith may be always rejoicing, always conquering, always  bringing glory to You! 'Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief!' "

Susannah Spurgeon
Morning Devotions Free Grace and Dying Love

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