Book Review

10:51:00 AM

So anyway I noticed one day that my grandmom still reads. Like, she'll be watching tv and sometimes you'd hear her say a word and be like, where'd she get that word? She doesn't really speak much these days so in my search to grasp some sanity from her words I discovered she was reading them off tv. (i.e. today it was Law because she saw a Lundy Law commercial.) So I tried to do some research on Alzheimers/ dementia and reading. Like, is that some key to unlock the mind? Hey, you never know? Anyway, there wasn't much I found but I did find this book. Apparently, reading it with your memory challenged loved one can help bring some of them out...

Well, anyway, I ordered it and got it yesterday. And we read it together. And she seemed to enjoy it, but I didn't find her coming out of her abyss of nothingness. Anyway, this morning she woke up talking about nothing but Goulash. Yes, Goulash.
As in the stewed meat of some European countries.
She used to always make us Goulash and Spaetzle.
And She couldn't stop talking about going to the store to buy meat for her Goulash, and corn and potatoes.
And other things.
Its nice to hear her talk, some sense. Some semblance of who she once was.
Anyway, not sure if that's exactly what the book is supposed to do but it was nice anyway. So I guess I'll give it 5 stars ;)

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