10:22:00 AM

Fall remind me of my grandmom. Chicken noodle soup. Blankets. Snuggling. Cozy Fires. Apples. Apple pies. Apple kuchen. Lazy fall days where the house is quiet. Her memory is in all of it. When I think about staying home and taking care of her, I always just picture these quiet fall days where the morning starts out dark and I never wanted to get out of bed, but my mid afternoon the sun would be streaming through the window as I'd wheel her out to sit at the kitchen table and watch the squirrels knock all of bird seed out of the bird feeder she was insistent we kept filled. One year we baked shortbread cookies and cut them out with the fall shaped cookie cutters I bought in the dollar section at Target. But she fell asleep the entire time because her sodium or blood or some necessary level was low in her frail little body. The last couple falls I'd have to thicken her hot chocolate and cider because she could no longer handle thin liquids. As much as I wish beyond wish she was here this fall and that I was typing this curled up next to her in her bed and was taking fun webcam photos of the two of us, I'm so thankful she's not here. I'm thankful that she's in heaven where she'll never be cold or hungry or lonely or sad or in pain again. Where there's no thick-it or leg braces or wheelchairs. Where there's no depends or medicine or dementia. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for hope, a blessed hope. Thank you that she's in glory. this video is one of my favorites. my life was great.

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