The Fecal Immunochemical Kit

11:49:00 PM

Fecal- derived from the latin "faeces" meaning "dregs" definied as "the most undesirable part"...we get the word "feces" from it...
Immunochemical- Describing the chemistry of antigens, antibodies, and their relation to each other.
Kit-A set of articles or implements used for a specific purpose.

Fecal Immunochemical Kit- fancy name for A little envelope containing a child's blue paintbrush, little waste bags, a "test card," and a return which I am supposed to supply a sample of my grandmom's poo poo. Yes. My job for this week is to rub the brush across my grandmom's poop and wipe it on a little card, throw it in an envelope, stamp it, and mail it to some doctor for testing. Poor mail carrier who doesn't know what I am putting into thier hands.

I do this because I love my grandmom. This is my new life. Three months ago I was tromping around England, drinking tea, and being a regular old college student. Now, I spend my days trying to convince my grandmother that my father is her son-in-law, and not the president, and my mother, her daughter, is not "the boss's wife" (sometimes our house is Pizza Hut...confusing, I know).

It really isn't that bad, and for the most part entertaining. My days can be exciting, filled with physical therapists who sell me girl scout cookies, to driving my grandmother around the block at night so that we can trick her into thinking we took her "home" (she's lived in the house for fifty years and thinks that we are tricking her by taking everything from her house and putting it in this other house- I know, we are sly, aren't we?)

After four months of Bible College in England, I knew that I was supposed to come home and serve my family, applying everything I had learned. My family had already been dealing with not only the deterioration of my grandmother's mind (she has dementia and a low sodium condition for which she was hospitalized for two months- but that is a whole nother story), but with her husband, my grandfather, being hospitalized since November after a heart attack, triple bypass surgery, and then a mulititude of complications that left him on a breathing tube and sedated until January. He is only now beginning to recover. So I know that my place for now is at home, showing the love of Jesus there, which isn't always easy, but it's been a learning and growing experience already, so we'll see if by the end of this season of my life I am a mature adult, or if I end up being driven crazy and living in a mad house...right now the latter is more probable, but we'll see!

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