Springtime...or summer?

2:11:00 PM

Well, i figure i should update since it's been forever since my last one...

I've been waiting and waiting for spring and it goes from freezing cold to 90 degrees here in like a day...yikes! So we've had a heat wave here in Philly since Saturday and it's going into tomorrow.

My family took this very heat wave to decide to redo the ENTIRE house. We switched every kid's bedroom (except mine since I don't live in that part of the house anymore) in the house for basically the first time since we built each room. It was pretty exciting but a ton of work between painting and carrying furniture up and downstairs and putting in wood floor in my sister's room (the only way she would agree to the move. WE needed her room because she has the biggest room so the boy's could share that room...) and in the middle of all that we repainted my grandmom and my entire living room.

WE finally "finished" it all as much as we can for now, but sadly I did not get my garden rototilled and so I cannot start planting, but I've been trying to get everything seeded inside. But I did take my chicks out for a little visit outdoors...

oh, did I mention my chicks?
WE got 8 chickens about three weeks ago, well, chicks, but they are already growing into hens and they are going to be beautiful and red and lay me a thousand eggs...all right, not a thousand, but a lot! i"m so excited!

Oh, also this weekend my grandmother got a pacemaker put in (besides all of the other drama going on in our house!) and that all went well, but she is very sore.

She's been pretty okay lately, insane, but okay. I'm thankful it's spring because I can hang the sheets on the line to dry since I've had to wash them EVERY single day for about a week since she started wetting the bed during the night. Yikes!

But other than that things have been pretty lovely. I got to go on a romantic picnic tea with my friends Hannah, Julianne, and Ruthie! And that is only the beginning of the wonderful adventures I plan for this summer!

First it will prayerfully start with Overnight Camp at Coatesville. Coatesville is an inner city about an hour away from me that my church has been ministering in for years and years now. The city is in the typical cycle of teen mom's getting pregnant, thier husbands going to jail young, kid's growing up with no parent figure in the house watching thier older cousin's get murdered or join gangs or end up in jail and thier older sister's having kids when thier still just kids themselves. So Jack Crans, a prison chaplain, started a camp to minister to the kid's while they are still young and to share Jesus with them and the hope that there is that is greater than the life they've gotten stuck in and how they can break this cycle. So every summer for years now my senior high youth group has done a week long day camp up there where we bus in the kids and do VBS's all week. My favorite week of the entire summer.
So for the last few months I've gotten involved in the afterschool club the Crans' do for the kids that is basically a Bible study for an hour every thursday at the camp and I've loved really being able to build a relationship with these kids instead of just seeing them every summer for a few days then leaving.
So the Crans' also do an Overnight camp for the kids every summer in June and I'm praying about helping out with the older kid's week! I'm excited and nervous.

THen the week after that I am going to Cali for 10 days with my friends Hannah and Stephanie for my Bible college friends' Donna and Aaron's wedding which I honestly cannot wait for!!!!

Then the last week of July into August is my senior high group's day camp week for Coatesville camp!
Then in August there is Surf Camp which I really hope I'll be able to do also!

Goodness...what an insanely busy summer already without ever thinking of the chickens to care for and the garden to tend and the grandmother to watch!
But it's all good.
And the Lord has given me 2 Peter 1 to hold onto and learn about so that I won't fall.
it's great.
all right
I should actually go work on my online Bible college classes that I really haven't started...yikes!

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