Grandmom's trip to myrtle beach

11:13:00 AM

This morning my grandmom decided to put the coffee on because I was taking my jolly good time to get out of bed. I had good reason since I'd gotten up at 5:30 the morning before trying to drag the two of us to the airport in an attempt to make our 8:30 flight home.

I rolled out of bed around the time the coffee was done brewing. I wasn't surprised she had put on 12 cups but after pouring her a cup of what looked like just slightly tinted water, I took the liberty to open the lid of the coffee pot and see that for those 12 cups of water she had only placed in maybe a scoop of coffee. I dumped it out and put on my own pot of coffee, very very strong coffee because it looked like it would already be a busy day.

My grandmom and I spent the last three days visiting her daughters in Atlantic City and Myrtle Beach, and every minute since then has been insanity. The trip has really thrown her off coming home (she was absolutely fine for the majority of the time she was there- well, fine for her).

Well, let me try to think of a couple of good tales from our vacation. One of my favorites is when we send her to bed at my Aunt Charlene's house in Myrtle Beach and we get her dressed in her pajama top and send her to the bathroom to do her business. We figure she's really going because we hadn't heard her stirring for a good fifteen minutes. Finally I decide to go see what she's been up to and I find her just sitting on the toilet seat, lid closed, just waiting for me to come tell her what to do- goodness knows, we were laughing about that one for awhile. But I thought that story was so funny until every minute since she's been home she isn't able to function without me telling her what to do. She won't shower unless I make her shower. She won't sit unless I make her sit. But going to bed last night was certainly the epidemy of hilariousness-

I basically walked her through brushing her teeth and using the toilet and forcing her to put her pajamas on- I just figured getting in to bed and putting covers on was something she would be able to do on her own. I was wrong. Very wrong.
I shut the door behind her as she walked in her room and go to rest back on the living room couch for a bit and watch TV. oh....twenty minutes later my brother Jeremiah comes down and asks where grandmom is. I told him she went to bed and he goes to say goodnight- but she's not in her bed. But he hears her talking to him and she find him in the closet... with the door closed... sitting on the shoe shelf.... in her pajamas! Honestly we couldn't stop laughing. But then I try to get her to bed and for some reason she thinks she needs to climb into on her hands and knees..and needs to sleep that way- yikes!

So since beginning to write this she has fallen asleep four times at the kitchen table and even as I write is sleeping. She also thinks someone had a baby because she saw some egg shells cracked on the counter. Who even knows!

I'm wondering if today, April Fools Day, might be the beginning of the downhill spiral- the little transition from dementia to alzheimers....maybe...or maybe not. Maybe she's just thrown off from the vacation and it was a little too much for her.

We did fix her up with some nice new clothes and pedicure and manicure so she'd better keep her mind for a bit to appreciate them! Honestly!

She handled the plane ride well though- well, once we were sitting together. We were seperated by a few rows at first because they plopped her down in first class because she could barely walk onto the plane. I thought she would be fine seperated from me for only an hour. But literally the minute the plane starts moving around the airport she unbuckles and hops up yelling "where's my daughter?!" And I'm already unbuckling to run and sit her down when the flight attendants jump up and sit her down. They moved me up next to her the minute the plane was done ascending and was in the air- yikes! BUt after that it was all fine.

So on another note I am starting my Bible College classes online now and got all of the awesome books in the mail so I will update on that soon.

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