4:50:00 PM

So I've had an insane week including house guests and tons of homework that didn't get done and missing school books and fun times with friends and picnics and football games and fall and hospital visits and needing to get a new license and turning 21 and going to Coatesville and drinking Bubble tea and car accidents literally the day after my car got inspected and being very very tired and having class tonight...yikes
it all sounds about how I feel at this point...please pray
also, pray, I was asked to teach a class of Kindergarteners the Bible on Thursdays at Coatesville, but I don't know if I should teach or be a helper like I was before and I'm supposed to get back to them...I've never taught anything in my life, can barely tell a story, and have no skill in explaining a concept if my life depended on it- so if I'm looking at it from a pure physical sense than I know I cannot do this...BUT...if God wants me to He will make me need some wisdom and peace...k?
love you all insanely

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