11:14:00 PM

My grandmom decided she can walk tonight. She's been moving her legs up and down and back and forth with the proudest face I've ever seen on an 80 year old woman lying in a hospital bed in depends...Part of me wishes my grandmom could walk again, and part of me is thankful I'm not chasing the old lady all over the neighborhood anymore. She's either in bed, or in her living room chair, or in the wheelchair at the kitchen table. "Where'd grandmom go?" is no longer a question or worry in my mind. But seeing how much she wanted to walk tonight got me a little sad. She's German. What more do I expect from that strong fighting breed? Honestly, part of me really believed tonight she could hop out of that bed and walk, and I'm sure if Steve the therapist was around still he'd have her up and hopping...and probably drinking coffee and eating chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate- my goal in life was to take my grandmom to The Naked Chocolate Cafe down in Philadelphia. I know that it is absolutely unrealistic, and unless I got a random night like this where she's clear and happy and has desires for her life (which happen once in a blue moon), and if she didn't wear diapers, and need her drinks thickened, or the million other things keeping her from this grand adventure- I would just love to take her here is my point, i think. You see, she's a chocoholic. and she'd have been the first to admit it. When I moved down in with her three years ago, we found her stash of chocolate that would take a normal human a year to eat, but she went through it in like a month, no joke.

Anyway, on a more exciting note- the first of my highschool friends got engaged this weekend and I've been jumping up and down in excitement all weekend, I am just so happy and excited for the lovely couple! God is so good to have brought them together and watching their relationship grow has just been so beautiful. And I'm just so happy! I love weddings!!!

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