10 Things...

1:53:00 PM

10 Things my Grandmom does that drive me absolutely bonkers:

1.Strips her clothes off! (ugh!!!!!)
2. Demands to go home (to Bebra, Germany)
3. Demands us to let her drive home (to Bebra, Germany)
4. Throws all her blankets off.
5. Rips her diapers off.
6. Doesn't poop.
7. Does poop. (usually right after I put her a clean diaper- of course)
8. Demands that she can walk home (and rips her blankets and clothes off to do it- even though her hip is not in joint) to her husband (who is dead)
9. Spits our her food when she's fiesty. (or throws it up all over herself)
10. Spills her coffee (the grossly thickened coffee) all over herself right after she's dressed cleaned up.

10 Things my Grandmom does that make it all worth it:

1. Tells me she loves me (even though she calls me Cindy)
2. Talks to me in German (Eshliebedish <3!!!)
3. Sings "You are my Sunshine" (but her version usually involves some variation about blue skies and dreaming that I climbed into bed or some new made up lyrics)
4. Sings "Happy Birthday Dear Cindy" (to me!)
5. Tells me she wants to "kiss me up"
6. Tells me, in German, that "I love the sun, the moon, and the stars, but most of all I love you"
7. When she really likes something I feed her and wants to eat like a million of it ("That's the best thing I have ever eaten- I haven't eaten in days!"
8. When I climb into bed and she snuggles me up
9. When she prays "Dear Lord" (music to my ears)
10. When she thinks her teddy bear is a baby and kisses it up

I'm sure I'll have a millions more things to add (to both of these lists)

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