Em's Super "7" Birthday Party!

2:50:00 PM

My little sister Emilee turned 7 on Wednesday and basically April and I pulled together the coolest super hero party that ever existed!

Super Em getting ready for her party! 
Em drew her own invitations- april got them photocopied with all the information for her super guests!
This was our Super Hero HQ (that's what my brother said is what all the cartoons call the super hero headquarters!)
 Notice that april spelled "telephone" wrong- I almost killed her!

April made Em's awesome Happy Birthday Banner. We set up the table so the kids could make their own masks to protect their secret identities!

Hailey made Em's cake with her "Super Em" logo and personalized cupcakes for all the Super Friends!

Some of our props for the photobooth and also one of our games (x-ray vision of course!)

Super Guests arriving! (is there anything cuter than batgirl and Super princess fairy (what was that kid thinking?) being reunited!?)

Highlight of their day- chasing chickens! Why did I bother to plan any games???
So these were our super villains- The Evil Dr. Birthday Basher and his henchman...Jo Jo. Anyway- we made a super video maybe I'll put up later where the Evil Dr. Birthday Basher threatened to destroy Emilee's birthday party by planting a bomb (i know...violent!) somewhere at Em's birthday party. The bomb was really a pinata that we made to look like a bomb!!! I know- too cool!
Our Super photobooth! 


 So the kids did end up saving Em's Super Birthday party and destroying the fiendish plan of the Evil Dr. Birthday basher (after Joe Joe and Jesse broke a window...but what's a birthday party without a little drama?) And I did test the super powers of all of Em's super friends and found that the majority had super flexibility (limbo!!), one had super speed (musical chairs), and all of them had x-ray vision (our guessing what's in the box game)!!! And of course, they couldn't have broken our pinata bomb without Super Strength!
So I would say, all in all, it was a Super Party and that it really ended with a blast ;)

p.s. yes, I might have had way more fun with this party than the kids...i have no life :)

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