First day of work

11:35:00 PM

yes, i am an employee
Well praise the Lord- my first day of work was great! We had orientation at the Hatboro location for a couple of hours. Wanna know what kind of company i work for? One of the Human resource managers told us that if we came to work upset we could ask any of our managers to pray for us? Yeah, seriously? Love it. Anyway, after that, I went over to the warehouse sorting bags of clothings (we have a wall a good eight feet high of bags of clothing- and there are more where that came from!) and labelling and pricing. It was fun! (I promise!)

my little sister emilee drew this for me even though she's sick :(
Anyway, in other news- my little sister Emilee is 7 years old and this morning we found out she has lymes disease (she's been complaining of pain and my mom took her for bloodwork last week). Anyway, she also came home sick from school throwing up today (but we figured she caught it from our cousin who I watched while he was sick the other day), but tonight my parents drove her to the Children's Hospital because they think she has appendicitis and will probably need to get it removed tonight. Please please pray- she's super neurotic about sickness and stuff and when she sees or hears anything about people getting sick she gets major anxiety. So sad...

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