Life in Bullet Lists

12:00:00 AM

  • I had my first real job interview this week.
  • I got my first "real job" (as in- not working at my church) this week!
  • I am tentatively employed by Impact Thrift Stores (as long as I pass my drug test and strength test to show I can lift 30 pounds without dying and as long as my background check comes back clear!)
  • I start work March 12th (commuting to their warehouse until the end of the month and then working in their new store getting it ready till the grand opening April 21st!)
  • I officially need to update my "about me" section

  • Yesterday would have been my Grandmom's 82nd birthday. She's in heaven. I still miss her, but it gets...different. I can't really explain it. It's almost like- you know how it takes like 30 days or something to break a habit? A lot of the habits are gone- going into her room- which is now actually my room- and looking for her. The feelings of needing to be home for her and looking to feed her and stuff aren't really there anymore. Lately I've been watching videos and looking at pictures and have been more able to see how broken and frail and old she was- and it makes me even more glad she's gone and home. The gladness of her being home outways the wanting her to be here- I honestly don't want her to be here because I know she was suffering. 

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