College classes are going to be the death of me.

11:39:00 PM

I'm going to write my persuasive speech in my speech class on why not to go to college...just kidding. But honestly...I am the worst student ever and wish someone would have talked me out of taking four online classes.

I can't even keep track of the days of the week, much less keep track of my classes...honestly. I have missed 3 spanish assignments, one because I didn't realize what day of the week it was and the other two-...welll...I can't figure out why I didn't see them. Story of my life.

Then I was going through my life thinking that the 22nd of September is Wednesday...and then the other day it hits me- OH NO! the 22nd is Monday which means I only have a few days to figure out this Guy Fawkes speech (what what represent England!) really stinks because I wish I had more time because this whole Gunpowder plot and history of it is really interesting and I'm trying how to figure out how to make it interesting for my audience too...I might just be a wierd person who thinks it's really cool that after 403 years the English are still burning a dummy of a guy who they caught before he blew up parliament (but the best part is that they hung him- they didn't even burn him!) and that they have a whole holiday commemorating...I mean...I have to explain why they "remember remember the fifth of November"!!!

Math is absolutely my favorite class because there's no stress- math is math. 2+2= 4 all the time!!!!

Ugh...I should have just got an evening job at Starbucks so that I would have health benefits instead of this whole college business- whose idea was this anyway?

All right...I mean, I'm spoiled to live in a country where I can get an education and everything so I shouldn't be complaining...I'm just getting used to this whole "back to school" thing after a year of "carefreeness"- if you could call it that.

Speaking of Nanny (which is the "carefreeness" i was referring to), ugh...that's the hardest part of these online classes- I'm always in the middle of trying to finally grasp some Psych concept when she starts freaking out that we don't have moisterizer or what are we going to make for dinner on Thursday three weeks from now- because obviously there's nothing in the freezer to choose from (well...other than the whole chicken, five pork roasts, 3 pork chops, chuck roast, split chicken breast, or stewing meat!!!!! honestly!!!!) and we have to know right now when I have a effective speaking quiz due in 5 minutes!!!)-

besides all this- the Germans came back yesterday after thier time in myrtle beach- so i had to clean everything up again- goodness- but they crack us up so it was all good (wow...i sound as ghetto as my brother)- and we really enjoyed thier company, but it's nice to have my room back finally be able to settle down and try to get organized.

So...I really should actually be doing my speech right now (which is not the way you end a speech....i think i've learned that from experience though- story of my life!)

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