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Our time with the Germans was well spent. They left yesterday but will return next week (they're visiting my aunt in myrtle beach). It was exhausting and I really don't think I have the gift of hospitality- it sure wipes you. We literally never have company so for people from an entirely other culture and way of life to come and live in our house amidst the screaming children, well, it was different.

These Germans were SOOOO polite that it almost drove me crazy. I mean, they would wake up and actually wait for us all to sit down and eat no matter what. I was like...what? And we were walking up the steps of the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia and my grandmom was literally slowing down the entire line of people, but the Germans would not pass her to get up quicker. I was like, goodness, i cannot walk this slow, and I passed them all. They also really aren't into asking us about our personal lives. I'm so used to people asking me what I like to do or where I go to school or what I want to be- and they really wouldn't ask about that at all. It was sooo wierd. They understand personal space and don't want to intrude. And they kind of just would ask about American history or culture or things like that, but never about us as people- only us as Americans. It was different and it was hard to read them sometimes. BUt they were hilarious making fun of each other and laughing and talking in German and so it was good times.

We took them to Philadelphia and then the next day they were just dying to see the Amish. Honestly, these famous Amish- it's sooo funny how people are always asking about them. So they did a day out there on thier own (i had a ton of schoolwork to catch up on).

So I realized that in this last year alone I have experienced sooo many different cultures- it's crazy. I mean, first I went to Africa last summer, then England (where a few different cultures were represented), then Czech Republic, and now these Germans. I love it!

all right
i have a ton of school work to do

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