2:25:00 PM

Literally, any minute now (wait! did I hear them?, just the neighbor's friend speeding down the road in his jeep) my grandmom's brother (Heinz- 70ish) and his sons (Thomas- pronounced toe-mas and Harold) are coming to visit.

The only problem grandmom thinks her brother Heinz died...aye aye aye...i know. So we're all a little nervous and we've been cleaning nonstop for like weeks and our house has never been so clean. We don't have people stay with us. Ever. And so this is something new and wierd. My grandmom and I are moving upstairs to my family's part of the house and my uncle will stay in my room and his sons in my grandmom's. My mom hasn't seen her cousins in 40 years. Crazy, huh?

So hopefully when my grandmom sees her brother it will click that he's alive and well. And hopefully tomorrow we will survive touring philadelphia and new york.
It'll be fun...i think.

So Aufwiedersehn for now
(Oh, is that them? no...just the mail lady...)

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