1:36:00 AM

the other day I went to sit down to update you all, when I looked out the window and Nanny was taking out the garbage. 78. caneless. hunched over. lugging a huge bag of trash. across our lawn (which really isn't small). annoying!

So I figured I should list, for posterity's sake, some of the latest crazy things she's done...
She's gotten more consistently crazy (as's not as come and go- the ratio of sanity to insanity has become drastically more on the side of insanity) here we go:

Coupons: aye aye aye...don't even get me started. We must go shopping 24-7...i'm not kidding. when she sees a coupon we must immediately go to the store or else I won't hear the end of it. But that's not the craziness that involved coupons that I mean to speak of. It's what she does with her coupons.
1st, last week I opened the fridge and next to the milk and eggs were laying a pile of coupons...I found that odd.
What I found odder was when she started pressing buttons of the T.V. She was holding her coupons and typing in buttons that would make the food magically least in her world it would have worked. She quit after I asked her what in the world she was doing. I laughed.
The oddest was definitely when I caught her cooking them in the microwave- a pile of the microwave...for five minutes...why didn't I think that that would cause the food to appear? honestly- how could i have been so näive to think that that doesn't work?

So yeah.
The other things is that she's
The other week, I was in the kitchen broiling salmon. My dad was watching tv in the living room with my grandmom. I assumed she'd gone to clean her bedroom when I went out there and it was just my dad. Then I went to call her to dinner...and um...she wasn't there. Or upstairs. or downstairs...or in the yard...uh oh.

And so we all chose a neighbor and scoured the neighborhood. I found her. coming back "from cvs"...welll...actually, she hadn't made it to cvs...since it's like miles away...and wasn't even in the direction she was going (with her purse and jacket, walking in the rain in my neighbors back yard)...ugh! we should have figured it out when we saw cars driving slowly down the road.

So my dad put bolts up at the tops of our doors...but she noticed them and pulled up a stool to open them to take out the trash.

Well...that's all i can write on this late at night
on another note, the old woman i used to watch with alzheimers got put into a nursing home...sad...but I know how hard it is and her daughter had taken care of her for a long's a rough job. I always wonder how long we'll be able to do it and how bad she'll get. She plans on living another 15 years you know...ugh

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