The Magic Apron

7:59:00 PM

You all know of my Magic Apron.
But you may not know that it has now inspired me to collect aprons. Yes. I do. My second Apron was Donna's festive apron (and the anniversary of the night on which I recieved that wonderful apron- though having to choose between that and the scarf was difficult and what was amazing was when my dear friend and secret Sister Shay bought me an even more wonderful one!!), and then a few exciting Target purchases followed....and so my collection has begun.

And now my new goal is to win an apron from the Apron Queen!!! She gives away vintage aprons!!!!! I want to be her new best friend! And this week she is giving away 11!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!! and so I promised to post on here about her contest- all you have to do is comment on her blog and you will be entered to win an apron too! AND MAYBE IT WILL BE MAGIC!!!!!!!! I know. So go over and enter- I'm pretty excited!

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