turkey cookies

12:32:00 PM

So, as of late, my grandmom is in the hospital with pneomonia- but i think she'll be fine. I love going to the hospital- I just feel great there- but I will never be a nurse. I would loathe that job and God bless the people who are nurses- just...ew. Andre the nurse was so amiable and patient as my grandmom described her bowel movement to him, what kind of people are these nurses anyway?! honestly- but hanging out there- I could do that. My favorite part is a lot of them don't realize that my grandmom is crazy- but...they catch on pretty fast. The therapist asked me yesterday "does your grandmom do her own bills?" I laughed- this was her kind way of asking if my grandmom wasn't all put together "up there." My favorite is "does your grandmom live alone?" Laugh out loud.
I'm starting to know St. Mary's Medical center like I know Calvary- I just don't clean there...yet! ha. Just kidding- who knows what kind of disgusting body fluids I would have to clean up! But i was there from 10-4 yesterday- so the nurses all wanted to be my best friends.

So the other day we made sugar cookies! mmmm. I bought fall cookie cutters at Target and we made turkey shapes and leaf shapes and ghost and bat and pumpkin and acorns!!!!!! It was sooo much fun. And then we decorated them. Too bad my grandmom was falling asleep like the entire time (this was Friday-the night before she went in the hospital- her pulse-ox levels were low), but when she went in the hospital the next day, I thought, well, if she dies today than she had a wonderful last night- drinking tea and decorating cookies with her grandkids- ha! is that morbid?

All right- I'm off to embrace fall and go to Trader Joe's and buy Brie cheese and heat it up and put Mango Chutney on top and almond slivers and eat it with crackers...mmmm...oh and clean up this house! yikes.

And I'm so excited for Thanksgiving since I didn't have Thanksgiving last year :( I know! alas. But it will be grand!

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