honestly...12 o'clock at night? come on?

11:32:00 AM

All right, I figure I should let you all in on some of the wierdest of wierd things lately.
So here's a list of some of the strange things she's done or said lately.

1. Her arthritis in her arm has been hurting lately and so we've been putting a heating pad on her arm. Last night I picked up the heating pad, and lo and behold, inside the case around it, is not just a heating pad, but a toothbrush, some "stool kits" (you know the ones) that we are supposed to do this week, her BJ's coupon book, a check, and MY eyeglass prescription (the little thief!). I think she was packing up to go home since I'd been out that afternoon. I've also learned that she is not a very good packer if that's what she thinks she is taking to survive her- yikes!

2. This one is awful odd- lately, she's been asking for her...um...her...wife!!!! I know, wierd? She'll ask me constantly, "is my wife coming home?" And we tried to ask her if she meant husband...but oh no...she meant wife. And at first, I was kind of nervous she meant me, because...sometimes she's awkward like that. But we asked her when her wife was born and she claimed, "March 3rd" which is her own birthday...so, does she mean herself?
Well who even knows!!!! honestly?
Is anyone disturbed yet?

I actually have to run because she's talking about "going home" but let me leave you with last night's latest exhibition of hers...

3. I'm in my room about to go to bed last night (about 12) and I hear her walker creak creak creaking out of her room, and I figured she just had to go to the bathroom (and i was thankful because she keeps wetting the bed), so I ignored it. But next thing I hear is the ring of the doorbell...
I am like, "what is going on" and looked for a weapon in case...well...in case some robber decided to ring the doorbell (haha...things make no sense at midnight).
But lo and behold, there's grandmom, her nightgown half unbottoned, eyes wide, barefoot, and using no walker coming in the door (she's quick when I don't want her to be).
"What in the world are you doing?" I ask. I should never have asked.
From there comes the tale of her adventure where she rescued my father who was out the window by climbing over the wall and pulling him up as she stood out in the water.
And I was certainly confused.
And so was she. I needed to go out and make sure there was no man outside that needed rescuing and actually needed to wake up my father out of bed to show her that he was okay and that all the kids were in bed and he needed to thank her for rescuing him.
We just went along with it because I was at my wit's end trying to get her back into bed.

She's been pretty really out of it lately and she's also been weazing (she has asthma and chronic bronchitis and pneomonia), so being the doctor that I am, I think she may be low on oxygen, which was what made her confused before...so we'll see what it is that is throwing her off...unless...unless she's actually reached that downhill spiral we all know and hate...
You see, for the last year everything was going on an insane upward slope of goodness and then she kind of flatlined and then slowly, very slowly, with some of those wavy slopes in the middle, has been going downhill.
But lately it's been almost a downhill plummit (is that a word???)

I'll update you if anything else exciting happens...which in this madhouse surely will
oh man
this just topped all on my "annoyance factor"
she just took my toothbrush out of the drawer in the bathroom I hide it in and used it.
She may deny it
but I know she did because it's wet and I haven't brushed my teeth yet because I can't find where she hid the toothpaste when she packed up last night... and her toothbrush is not wet.
i am now offended

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