Dear Abby,

1:05:00 PM

I live with my 79 year old grandmother. She has dementia. Things have been okay so far, except for one reoccurring problem. You see, we share a bathroom and on multiple occasions I've gone to brush my teeth and she has used my toothbrush. The thing is- I am already hiding my toothbrush in a drawer and have given her like three other toothbrushes to use in the toothbrush holder, but she insists on going through my drawer and finding MY toothbrush. Sometimes it's my own stupidity, leaving it on the counter and such. One time she even used my poor unsuspecting friend's toothbrush when she stayed the night!
The end all was recently though, when I decided I'd purchase an entire pack of toothbrushes so that I would have extras in case she found one of them she would never use all three. But the other morning I went to brush and I discovered that not only had she used MY toothbrush that was hidden in the drawer, but she had also taken all of THE BRAND NEW TOOTHBRUSHES and thrown them into the trash can- and not just any trashcan, but the one containing her stinky wet used DEPENDS!!!! I honestly walked around flabbergasted for about an hour.
Abby, I need you help! what should I do,
Prisoner in My Own Bathroom

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