8:23:00 AM

I realized I actually use this blog to go back and figure out my grandmom's medical history sometimes and so therefore I thought it necessary to report here that grandmom broke her hip yesterday and needs a hip replacement. It's a really bad break (or is it brake? which one is right?). Her doctor said her a ninety seven year old came in with a brake (or break) not as bad as her brake is and her family opted not to do the surgery.
She fell out of her chair yesterday (I told my dad to watch her, for the record!) after I left for Weds. Night Bible Study (which ironically was a message I really needed to hear and therefore I know God had me at church- no regrets)
So my parents took her to the hospital. I turned on my phone after church because Darla was laughing at her texts and I wanted to be cool like her and I was all like "I got four texts!" but then they were all "Call mom- ER" "Grandmom fell" "Emergency" "We need you" and not funny texts at all...boo
So poor grandmom last night was all "I'm to blame, I'm to blame" (and she was to blame...I told her to stop getting up all day) but she was just "I want to ball my eyes out" and very dramatic telling us that "Thank God we are not alone" and "I love you, you are my love" and we sang a little rendition of "You are my sunshine to pass the time away"
she's very loving during her near death experiences
all right
updates to follow

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