Post Cville and Pre-Surf Camp update

11:57:00 AM

anyway Coatesville was awesome- Honestly, I'm in the middle of dyeing my hair, cleaning my house, and doing laundry so I'm probably going to postpone the update till Post-surf camp but I wanted to send out a request for prayer for this weekend.
Surf Camp is Friday till Monday and I think it sounds like I'm counseling like a room of 7 girls-which honestly I'm a little nervous about. The Lord is humbling me- I'm so not able to handle this but He is so able and I'm excited for Him to do wondrous things this weekend. I'm asking for miracles. For Him to move mountains in the lives of these kids- things that they thought they'd never overcome, things that they've been so unable to overcome- that they would allow God to do His work in their life.
I'm praying that I would be sincere- honestly I've been super unfocused this week and I'm hoping to take today (the fam is all down the shore) and seek the Lord and His heart for this weekend.
Pray I would serve these girls and have a heart of compassion.
Pray for great waves.
Pray for safety!
Pray for focus- especially during the studies.
Pray for the Lord to meet us in worship.
Pray for energy! Surf starts at 6 am!!! yikes...
Pray for repentance and for all of us to more fully grasp the love of God for us and our position in Christ.
Pray for Love and unity amongst the staff (even in all of our diversity) and for the Lord to rake out the roots of bitterness amongst the kids and that they would learn to love each other with the Love of Jesus Christ.
Pray my grandmom would be good for my family this weekend (for strength and patience for them as they take care of her)
All right- I'm out

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