Year 3

10:35:00 AM

Well, January 2011 will mark 3 years. yup. 3 years of staying home with grandmom, hospital visits, insanity, and of the opportunity to see such an incredible side of God's character. His grace, His mercy, His compassion, His love for us that isn't about what we can actually do for Him.
God looked down on my grandmom and knew what it would take for her to come to know Him. How she needed to be humbled before she could accept His wonderful gift of salvation. I never imagined, growing up and praying ever night before I went to bed, "Lord, I lift up nanny and poppy..." praying for their souls to be saved. Praying for them to come to church with us. I never imagined that I would one day be pushing her wheelchair into church on Sundays, reading the Bible with her, listening to her pray before meals. I'll quote her, she'd "been apprehended!"- BAM!- God's grace... Waterfalls of it. On a woman who can offer Him literally nothing. What an incredible incredible God I serve.

This last year has been so different.
My grandmom turned 80, fell and broke her hip, had surgery (had a stroke), went to rehab, broke her femur, had surgery, came home, had a heart attack, came home and has been hospital free since July. And I'm not saying that her quality of life has been great since then, because it hasn't. She is mostly in her hospital bed, in her bedroom, watching Turner Classic Movies, but every so often we have a few moments of loveliness.
God spoiled us on Christmas.
Grandmom was just oh so good. She wasn't sane, don't get my wrong.
But she was happy. not agitated. pleasant. and able to enjoy Christmas. It was great.
and it wasn't just Christmas morning. It was Christmas eve, Christmas morning, Christmas day, and Christmas day eve. Spoiled. 
It was probably the loveliest Christmas I ever had. Thank you Jesus!

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