2:03:00 PM

Nothing exciting really happens anyway so I guess that's why I never post...sorry. Grandmom never goes to the hospital, doesn't really move from her bed so nothing very funny happens, and she doesn't talk as much as she used to, so I have no wonderful quotes to post. I mean, hey- I'm thankful that life as pertains to  Grandma is not dramatic or exciting, but I still feel the pressure to pour forth hilarious grandmom stories into cyber space...and alas...nothing.
oh well, there's more to my life than grandmom!

Such as- the sr high winter retreat this weekend. And so really, I'm here on blogspot just to use it as a means to BEG for prayer for this weekend. 200 kids. like smallest staff ever. and we need Jesus just so much. I'm like literally desperate for Him to work in these kids hearts. They need Him so much. I need Him so much. Not only do a majority of these kids need to have their eyes opened to who He really is, but I know that there are kids coming on this weekend not saved. And I'm just like, Lord, please...

So if you would join with me in lifting up this youth group I would appreciate it so much. And I want to meet with the Lord to. He's been transforming me so much lately and changing all of my desires and heart and I want to know Him more this weekend too...

And I was thinking today- wouldn't it be incredible for these kids to have their lives changed and for a 200 kids to whole heartedly follow the Lord while they were young? And even as I was praying for that, the Lord also reminded me that as incredible as that is, and as how powerful as that would be- God isn't just about using young, able bodied kids to bring Him glory. How much more has God worked in my life through an (almost!) 81 year old woman, with basically no control of her body functions, no control of even her mind...but oh how the God of the universe can use anyone...anyone. Praise Him!

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