"Cause me to hear Thy loving kindness in the morning; for in Thee do I trust" (Psalm 143:8)

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" The ears of my soul are stopped fast, Lord, until You open them. I am deaf, and cannot hear the music of the mercies which are singing around me, like sweet choristers from heaven.
'Cause me to hear.' As You opened the eyes of Elisha's servant, to see You armies of defense and protection for Your prophet, so unclose my ears that the tones of Your still small voice may penetrate to my heart, and thrill it with exceeding joy; or, if I am too deafened by the roar and rush of earth's turmoil and distress, speak more loudly to me, Lord, 'Cause me to hear', lest I should miss the unspeakable privilege of listening to You.
'Thy loving-kindness.' Lord, what unutterable depths of compassion are covered by those two words! Your 'kindness' would be an undeserved mercy; but Your 'loving-kindness' is a miracle of divine condescension and pity. You not only rescue, You embrace; You not only pardon, You espouse; and the robe of Your righteousness, which is wrapped about Your redeemed ones is lined with the soft ermine of your tender mercies. And this for me, Lord, so vile, so unworthy, so often ungrateful and forgetful! What can I say to you for this?
'in the morning'. When all around are sleeping, Lord, waken my heart with Your tender call, uplift my spirit into true fellowship with You. early hours with my God will sanctify the whole day. In my quite time with You, Feather, so fill my soul with the sweet sounds of redeeming grace and pardoning love that, through all the succeeding hours, there may be melody within, and joy too deep and real to be disturbed or broken by any of earth's jarring discords.
'For in Thee do I trust." You know this is true, Lord. My soul rests in You; it lies down on the sure promises of Your Word, and has sweet content. Yea, though this prayer, this desire of my heart to hear Your voice, be not granted today, and you should be silent toward me for a while, it will be but Your way of drawing me closer to You that, in tenderest whispers, You may tell me, 'I have loved thee with an everlasting love.'"
Susannah Spurgeon's meditations on Psalm 143:8 from her devotional Free Grace and Dying Love

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