2:46:00 PM

Seriously, I'm so blessed. Thanks for everyone who is praying for us. Grandmom's had a very good couple days- eating well and drinking well again. She even sang "O tennanbaum" today! It's the little things! She's been very talkative and alert. The only worry right now is she really hasn't been peeing regularly, which may be because she barely ate or drank for a week, but she's drunk a good amount the last couple days and barely went the last couple days. So we'll see- but as of right now, Lord willing, she'll be doing okay and even good for Christmas. So I'm very thankful.

In other news, my grandmom got a 2nd Zebra Finch for Christmas from my mom, and I think this one is a zebra finches? uh oh.... Also, she's speaking, and I asked her what she wanted to name them and she said "Jim and Alice" (my grandpop's dead sister and brother-in-law!) which was super random.

Our cat has also planted itself in grandmom's room recently, which is different... We're kinda nervous cause we've heard of a nursing home where they have this cat that plants itself in rooms of patients who are dying because it just can sense that they are going...but the cat could also just really like grandmom and the zebra finches!

Anyway, it really doesn't feel like Christmas is coming- but it is and hopefully it'll be a nice quiet (as quiet as my family could possibly be!) holiday. The Lord is so good to me and my family.

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