12:45:00 AM

Well. I'm "mostly" moved into my grandmom's old room (I still keep calling it grandmom's room, and I'm trying to break the habit.)It's like three times the size of my old room and I'm not sure what to do with myself. It looks totally different since we pulled the rug up and I'm just keeping the hardwood flooring that was underneath and I still need to paint and get an area rug and arrange things, but my bed right now is in the exact same spot that her bed always was. It's strange. I was sitting here on my bed looking at the background of my desktop- a picture of grandmom, micah, and I on her bed together and she has a birthday party hat on. I'm in the exact same spot, but life is soooo different. 

Change is so weird. Just understanding that things will never be the same. I'm still clinging to Philippians 3. And I'm thankful also for Malachi 3:6- "I am the Lord, I do not change. Therefore you are not consumed, o sons of Jacob." 

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