4 Hospital Visits and an annoying Ground Hog

12:50:00 PM

I think my dear friend Julianne may be hinting for me to update while she's away in Idaho...or Montana now I guess- and so for her sake alone shall I update about my very very exciting life...

So the Germans relatives came back about four weeks ago now for a three weeks visit.
a few days before they arrive- gmom looks horrible and I think she's having a heart attack- we go to the E.R. and her sodium is just low- so they pump her up. Bobby the nurse hooks her up with some soup. SHe basically loves him.
Germans Arrive:
Day 1- Grandmom falls carrying snapple bottles. Sore arm follows.
Day 2-Grandmom wakes up with a face about the size of Canada. Eyes swollen shut. Vision blurred. A couple hours later swelling subsides...attributed to raspberry intake the prior evening.
Day 3- Germans head off to Niagra Falls.
Somewhere around Day 4-5ish...grandmom passes out and my cousin Phil and I call an ambulance- hospital visit for a few days
Day 7- Germans return with flat tire. Stay for dinner and head to NJ to begin trip to FLorida
Day ...um 10ish...Memorial Day- grandmom falls in bathroom and breaks ribs- throwing up- spend night in E.R....trauma section...I read all of Pancho Jaurez's biography...returns home next morning
Day 14- 15ish...maybe even 16ish...Grandmom complains of chest pain- E.R. trip again- attribute pain to ribs....but we spend another few days in the hospital- Her COPD has flaired up and maybe a slight case of Pneuomonia- they work on getting the fluid out of her lungs...
Day19- She comes home and Germans arrive and they left the other day...thankfully- wooh, that's over

She came home in a wheelchair but is now starting to be able to walk and dress and bathe herself again- Thank God!
They were talking to us at the hospital about hospice...

I'm so surprised that that actually upset me. I'm the first one to tell you that if Grandmom is ready to die than that's really okay with me- I mean, I don't want her to get worse and suffer and to see her dementia progress. ANd I always thought that I'd be totally cool with her dying because I know she's going to be with the Lord and her husband and I"m confident in her salvation...
but when I had doctors telling me she is going to die- I was like- what?
But when she's in the hospital they don't see what I see. They see a lunatic trying to shop at BJ's in the middle of the night in her hospital bed. THey see her coughing and on oxygen...
but within two days of coming home she's up and speaking German to her brother and bossing me around and flirting with everyone...
So I really think there is this conspiracy to kill off old people in the hospitals- I mean, all of a sudden- her primary insurance becomes Medicare and they think that it's time to stop treating her?
This woman wants to keep living for another 20-30 years- and who am I to say she doesn't have that right?
And I am not in denial- if she dies, she dies, but I am not putting her on hospice care so that they will stop treating her illnesses and only treat symptoms if she is still able to live.
And she's not suffering- if she was that would be a different story. SHe's happy as a horse- and her hair is curled and her lipstick's on.
SO I guess all this is to say...I guess I'm going to kind of miss the annoying old lady when she's gone- we live it up here in L-horne...even if we don't have the "freestyle cashflow" that she told the social worker that she needs...and I still need her wise words of wisdom like "you should beat Jeremiah up because he's a pain in the butt"- I mean, what if she wasn't around to tell me that?

All right- on another note, the ground hog family living under the shed is eating my garden and I am angry- so I"m off to throw some cayenne pepper on the ground and to beat them up
wish me luck

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