Grandmom came home...a week ago!

11:00:00 PM

Anyway- I'm sorry I've been meaning to update but I'm still not going to update because I'm tired and it's eleven at night and I have to get up tomorrow and have grandmom washed and dressed before the speech therapist comes at 9:30 to hopefully work the poor dear off her baby food and thickened liquid diet and I just cannot wait for the day when I'm no longer pureeing meat!!!
But anyway I wanted to stop in to say "so far so good"- God has never yet failed me in giving me the strength to take care of the little old lady and I'm just going to keep expecting Him to supply all of my needs. I think she's actually easier to take care of the way she is right now (as in- not having to chase her down all of the time- her chilling in bed and getting wheeled wherever I want her to be has actually been pretty sweet!)
Good night!

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