3 months

10:34:00 PM

Looking back I get really overwhelmed at the Lord's faithfulness. The last few months have been a whirlwind. I had anticipated grandmom dying for so long, and then she finally passed into eternity, and I actually have "moved on" with my life and got a job and am surviving in the real world (tired as anything- but surviving)...And the Lord has taken care of me and provided every single thing I've needed every step of the way. It's amazing. He's revealed His love. He's comforted my soul. He's drawn so near. He's given me such favor at my job. He's blessed me more than I can bear. I miss grandmom, I miss that life- but the Lord has been so incredibly kind to me- He knows what is best. It was truly time for her to go and I'm so thankful for her sake, and even for mine (because I know the Lord wouldn't have taken her if it wasn't necessary). And I know He's going to continue to be faithful. It's been a crazy three months but the Lord is truly a sure foundation- the only foundation.

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