His Kindness

12:12:00 AM

I think I'm just overwhelmed with the Lord's kindness to me lately. Like why is He so kind and nice to me? So constantly showering blessings on me? I don't deserve an ounce of it! I feel like I'm just in a season where the Lord has so clearly led and ministered to me and provided for my needs- and I almost feel bad because I know everyone isn't in a season like this. So many people I know are in wilderness seasons- and that's what I'd been anticipating and been preparing myself for after grandmom died! And I won't pretend like I haven't had some really hard days and moments of just darkness and pain, but the Lord has just in all of it shown Himself so clearly. Like I'm constantly bombarded with Him revealing Himself in little ways in the midst of it. And it's like whenever I'm hurting the most, He's always sending something or someone my way just to remind me He sees me. From getting me my lost journal off the side of the road, to leading and speaking to me about waiting for my job and than providing the perfect job, to getting me off of work for a retreat this weekend, to giving me such favor at work with my manager and co-workers, to having me stand next to co-workers at church when I'm sobbing, to having the perfect schedule, to friends praying for me, to texts from friend's at just the right time- like it's like the Lord is constantly reminding me I'm not alone and He sees my hurt and pain and just wants me to know that He loves me. I'm spoiled, honestly. And I know that this isn't always how the Lord will work in my life- there will be seasons where it's dark and dry and I need to walk by faith, but right now I see the Lord's hand so evidently in my life and His blessing are so abundant that I don't want to waste it and now Praise Him and thank Him for it. And to also remember it during those faith testing times- that He's ever only been faithful to me and He's worthy of all my trust no matter what.  Anyway, I'm just very thankful right now that I serve such a kind, generous, loving God.

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