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My dad's side of the family is amazing. I haven't really mentioned them in this blog much 1. because they aren't related to my grandmom by blood 2. I've only really begun appreciating how special they are these last couple years...

My grandparents are Irish Catholic. They had 7 kids. My dad and mom then had 7 kids. My one aunt had 8, the rest of them gave birth to more normal size families ranging from 4-2 kids, and now those kids have started having kids. So there are at least 30 of us cousins ( i haven't counted in a few years- now it's plus in-laws, boyfriends and girlfriends).

New Years Eve we had at least 70 people in my house. I mean, my house is pretty big just because we've added a million additions- but we don't have "big rooms" or "high ceilings" and we all LOVE being in the same room, so we basically used only my part of the house for the most part. It was loud and exciting. It was also hard because my grandmom was laying in a hospital bed in her room. None of these people were her blood. It's been months since her daughters have come to see her (I don't judge- I understand people grieve differently!)

But can I tell you what a wonderful family I have? My uncle (who had a stroke when he was in his forties and leads a ministry at a nursing home) sat in her room singing to her for a little bit. As the ball was dropping I didn't want my grandmom to be alone so I went into her room and turned Dick Clark on. My aunt came in with me and we celebrated 2012 together. My cousins came in and out to say hi- even though grandma looks so thin and it's uncomfortable to see her like this- they still said "Happy New Year, Mrs. Roach"- some of them even call her grandmom.
Sometimes I need a nannysitter- I pay my cousins in food and they'll sit with her when I'm stuck. None of them will accept any money.
For her 81st birthday my cousin Casey brought her a dog balloon and chocolate.
My aunt, when she found out that grandmom wasn't doing good, wanted to come over to cut her hair and spend time with her.
My other grandmom always comes into visit her and likes to make sure that we understand what old people like when they're stuck in bed- trying to make sure she's comfortable and that we play music for her. It's sweet.
Every time I go over to visit them my grandfather asks how she's doing.
My grandmom has a family that had adopted her in. She's Grandmom to so many people who love her and care about her and treat her as one of their own and I'm blessed to call them all my family.
In other news my dear friend Jarreau has started a fun, thought provoking, edifying blog about her life post- college and has a giveaway of some beautiful original art- check it out- My New beginngings

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