12:57:00 AM

I know I need to write this post before I  go to bed on what I'm going to call the longest day of my life. I think it'll make it more real, because honestly it's just felt like a dream. My grandmom died this morning at 9am. It was suttle. We honestly didn't notice for 7 minutes after it- we thought it was just one of those long pauses between breathing they said she would have- but thankfully she never had those. It was one gasp and then she was gone. It wasn't what I imagine it would be (if you could imagine such a thing)- it was like she was still just sleeping.
And that's how it really felt, and kind of still feels.
And so I don't think it's hit yet. I'm not sure when it'll really hit.
But I'll write more later on all of this. I'm too tired for any cohesive thoughts.

I'm just thankful- for every single person whose been on this journey with my family. For all the support and prayers and love and comfort and hugs and food and cards and calls and facebook comments and memories (and I'm only talking about the last 24 hours- not the last four years in which I've been so blessed by so many).

I'm just thankful to have known my grandmom. It's been a privilege, an honor- I've been spoiled.

And more than all, I'm thankful for Jesus Christ, whose blood covers all her sins, who has clothed her in righteousness, who stands before the Father as her advocate- that she was welcomed in as a Child of the King of Kings. Restored. Whole. Full of Life. Healed.
What joy!

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